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Sept. 27th, 2015

  Thompson Speedway, Thompson Connecticut

We are doing it again!!!

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This September, we have joined forces with  The ALS Association Connecticut Chapter’s  to De-feat ALS®. We want to build a HUGE team to show our support. Our team goal is to raise $10,000 which will be used to fund patient services and research to find a cure. I’m writing to kindly ask for your support in this endeavor.

Remember We are not that far away!

Thomspon Speedway is only 25 minutes south of Worcester just over the Mass line!

What is the Splash of Color?

The Splash of Color 5K is an unforgettable, fun experience–a non-competitive run, walk!

(heck, even crawl, skip, or roll).

The Splash of Color works like a walk with all your neighbors…only more colorful. Start at one point in all white, and end at the other COVERED in a Splash of Color!

The course is 2 loops around the 1.5 mile Nascar race track!  You’ll experience 8 different Splashes of Color along the route pink, yellow, blue and orange.   If you’re in the mood to dance at the finish line, feel free–we’ll have a DJ there. At the end of the event there will be a huge Splashes of Color Party. Sort of like a bag of Skittles every 15 minutes… and watch for the new Color Cannons!

Splash of Color 5K events are about three things:  fun, fitness and of course…the excitement of crossing the finish line covered in bright colors. Expect lots of laughs and some one-of-a-kind photo opportunities. We have two events for 2015–rain or shine! Look for the new Color Cannons this year!!!

Splash of Color Start Line

Starting Line! So Clean!

Sunday, Sept. 27th , 2015

Thompson Speedway, Thompson Ct.

You’d like to sign-up, right? We thought so!

You know, since you’re already here and all go ahead and register….  Click Here!

There’s a good chance you’re wondering what the color is, what to wear, whether it’s ok to bring a camera (it is), or what inspired the Splash of Color. Well, we hope so, anyway, or our FAQs & Cool Info page will get lonely…

So…who’s in?

Click the Photo!
Click the Photo!

Sept. 27th, 2015
Thompson Speedway
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