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Saturday , Oct. 24th, 2015

Worcester State University

Worcester, MA

What is the Splash of Color?

The Splash of Color 5K is an unforgettable, fun experience–a non-competitive run, walk!

(heck, even crawl, skip, or roll).

The Splash of Color works like a walk with all your neighbors…only more colorful. Start at one point in all white, and end at the other COVERED in a Splash of Color!

 You’ll experience 4 different Splashes of Color along the route pink, yellow, blue and orange.   If you’re in the mood to dance at the finish line, feel free–we’ll have a DJ there. At the end of the event there will be a huge Splashes of Color Party. Sort of like a bag of Skittles every 15 minutes… and watch for the new Color Cannons photo shots!

Splash of Color 5K events are about three things:  fun, fitness and of course…the excitement of crossing the finish line covered in bright colors. Expect lots of laughs and some one-of-a-kind photo opportunities. rain or shine! Look for the new Color Cannons this photo opportunities year!!!

Splash of Color Start Line

Starting Line! So Clean!

Saturday Oct. 24th.

Where: Worcester State University

You’d like to sign-up, right? We thought so!

You know, since you’re already here and all go ahead and register….  Click Here!

There’s a good chance you’re wondering what the color is, what to wear, whether it’s ok to bring a camera (it is), or what inspired the Splash of Color. Well, we hope so, anyway, or our FAQs & Cool Info page will get lonely…

So…who’s in?

Oct. 24th
Worcester State University

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